Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Australian Government tells XMRV positive patients to bugger off

X M R V Positive Australians are Told to Seek Help from Google instead of Government Health Websites

March 1, 2011, sleepysunshine:

A contact in Government has informed me that the Australian Government will not Fund XMRV Research because of the Money Involved and will be waiting for Overseas Clinical Trials.

“This is the way it is done in Australia Lesley … we wait until Research is up to Clinical Trials and then a Pharmaceutical Company will Finance the entire research for us. The problem is that this process will take a very, very long time to reach us here Australia”

My telephone call to the Hon. Paul Lucas at the Department of Queensland Health asking for information about XMRV produced the following response from staff.

“There is no information about X M R V on the Qld Health Website because it is a disease in another country AND that if you want to know more about it you should GooGLE. “

After pressing for more information … “if it is not up on the Qld Health Website, it is not of public Interest.”

“Not of Public Interest … A disease in another Country“

These are strong statements and I am concerned over ... Read more>>

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