Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A brave girl killed by medical incompetence and ignorance

by Críona Wilson:

The results of this research was ...“unequivocal inflammatory changes affecting the special nerve cell collections (dorsal root ganglia) that are the gateways (or station) for all sensations going to brain through spinal cord.

The changes of dorsal root ganglionitis seen in 75% of Sophia‘s spinal cord were very similar to that seen during active infection by herpes viruses (such as shingles).”

The doctors, social workers, chief executives, courts and others were well informed in writing, by me, of all the events that were about to unfold in early 2003, and yet, Sophia was “sectioned” as a result of exercising her right not to go into a particular ME Clinic. There are many similar calamities being reported of young M.E. patients being separated from their families behind the closed doors of Family Courts; and families being torn apart. The children and their families appear to have no redress.

During 2005, I was collating material to give to The General Medical Council. Before she died, I told Sophia that I wanted “to go public” so that others could possibly be saved such suffering. She answered … “then it will all have been worth it” … these were her last words. Read more>>

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