Saturday, March 19, 2011

The CDC studying vaccines and autism is like McDonalds studying Big Macs and obesity

By mogrammy:

Having the CDC take on a study of whether or not vaccines contribute to autism would be like having McDonalds carry out a study on whether or not their Big Macs cause obesity and diabetes in children. It must be an independen­t study-not the CDC that already runs the mandated vaccine program.

And 5 years-can we really afford to wait that long?

Regarding the vaccinated v unvaccinat­ed study of children--­the comments by the CDC are very troubling.­. They want to have an expert panel to decide if this study would be feasible. doesn't sound very promising to me.

I have my doubts about this whole thing-seem­s they want to push old age and freeways onto the pavement too.
Maurine Meleck SC

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