Thursday, March 3, 2011

Despite its trivial name, this is not a trivial disease

Kim McClearly could have told CNN something like this: “The PACE trial is problematic, and here are some reasons why. The selection process eliminated most bona fide CFS patients. Instead, the PACE patients had idiopathic fatigue and depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise therapy are primarily helpful for those with idiopathic fatigue and depression, not those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In fact, the hallmark of CFS is post-exertional crashing, so graded exercise therapy would make the symptoms of most CFS patients worse.

“Many patients with CFS are severely ill and suffer from seizures; swollen lymph nodes; fevers; autonomic dysfunction that makes it difficult or impossible to sit or stand; heart failure; immune dysfunction, including reactivation of herpes viruses; and rare cancers. Some patients are dying, others are consigned to a living death, and compelling evidence points to a newly discovered retroviral infection in these patients that’s similar to the one that causes HIV.

"Despite its trivial name, this is not a trivial disease, ... Read more>>

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