Friday, March 11, 2011

Disabled man to be evicted after secret GP report

By Martin Beckford, Health Correspondent, 09 Mar 2011:

Lee Gilliland has been told he cannot see the study that determined he lacked mental capacity, on the grounds it would cause him “substantial distress”.

But as a result of the report the state’s Official Solicitor has been appointed to represent him in a dispute over his late grandmother’s will, and he is now likely to lose his home and have to pay out an estimated £37,000 in legal bills.

Mr Gilliland, 42, is also unable to appoint a new solicitor because he has been judged mentally incapable of doing so, and has had to look for another medical professional who will declare that he does have capacity.

His case has now been taken up by an MP who believes it highlights the unfairness of the law whereby which a person can be deemed to lack mental capacity on the say-so of a single “expert” and then lose all rights to make decisions about their finances or personal welfare. Read more>>

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