Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dr. Le Grice: patient pressure has helped draw attention to the seriousness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By AMY DOCKSER MARCUS, The Wall Street Journal, MARCH 12, 2011:
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Dr. Le Grice, the NCI scientist coordinating XMRV efforts, says that the science about XMRV has actually moved very quickly. He says patient pressure has helped draw attention not to the virus but to the seriousness of chronic fatigue syndrome.

"We've been on this a year now. To a chronic fatigue syndrome patient, I'm sure a year seems like a long time. In science, what we've done in a year is incredibly fast," says Dr. Le Grice.

Dr. Le Grice says he is no stranger to the politics of science and advocacy: He spent years developing anti-retroviral drugs at a drug company and then running a university center for AIDS research. Still, the 58-year-old biochemist is sometimes taken aback by patients' suspicion of the motives of scientists investigating XMRV.

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