Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr Shepherd: The government is NOT classifying ME and CFS as two separate illnesses

Suzy Chapman said...:

Yesterday, on the ME Association's official Facebook site, Dr Charles Shepherd, Honorary Medical Adviser to the MEA and Member of the MEA Board of Trustees, clarified:

"The government is not having a sudden change of mind and classifying ME and CFS as two separate illnesses.

Lord Howe, in a written answer to the Countess of Mar, has again made it clear that they will continue to use the composite term CFS/ME - as used in the 2002 CMO report.

The govt continues to regard CFS/ME as neurological in nature."

It was clear from the Minister's Written Response that he was referring to WHO classifications and not to UK government policy.

I do hope that Mr Swales is going to be publishing a retraction of the report here:

See also: UK Government now recognises ME and CFS as different illnesses, this however is incorrect !

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