Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I would take whatever would make ME recover

Posted by Kati:

I have only been ill for 2 years, which is not long for the average ME/CFS patient. 10 years or more of being housebound or bedbound is fairly common. There are people in nursing home.

Most patients have not even been diagnosed, or gotten appropriate treatments. For the lucky ones that got Ampligen as part of a trial, and improved, it was just too cruel to deny them the drug that allowed to get their lives back.

What I can say, is if there is a small chance of me recovering enough to work out, go back to work, travel and enjoy life again, I would take whatever would make me recover.

May it be antiretroviral, Ampligen, Rituximab, or others. I would also risk to be the placebo in a double blinded clinical trial. I would move across the country for treatment. It would be better than being judged by doctors that don't know squat about the disease so ironically called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Read more>>

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