Monday, March 21, 2011

The medical world is slowly waking up to the fact that ME/CFS is an infectious disease

Anonymous said...:

First they tell me that my illness is psychological - I disprove this by providing a whole host of test results which suggest many biological abnormalities.

Then they tell me that I will recover in 2 years - I disprove this because I have been ill for over 4 years now.

They then tell me that XMRV doesn't exist in Europe - I disprove this by testing positive by serology (I live in the UK).

They then tell me that XMRV is only a contaminant - I can't disprove this but the WPI and this blog will.

This is going to be a long,hard slog but you are getting there and I am more grateful than you will ever know. The evidence is out there and it cannot be dismissed any longer - I will not be dismissed any longer.

Change is coming, slowly but surely.

I'm sorry I can't contribute to these responses in a more scientific way but I am the human element on the other side of all of this science and I am just watching and waiting!!

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