Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PACE trial: bedbound and tube fed ? You just need a wee bit of exercise


How can you exercise yourself out of a wheelchair or out of being bedbound tube fed for decades ? M.E is a a real physical illness that effects the immune sytem as well as Neurological .

The group of psyhciatrists in UK called the wessley school have hijacked this illness for there own vested intrests, recieving millions in tax payers money, which as gone to CBT & GET which is a waste as these are not treatments for M.E which can cause further damage .

This money should have gone to Biomedical research , not one penny as gone to researching this devastating illness ?

The recently discovered Rerovirus XMRV wnot disapear by exercise !!!!

The abuse and negelct to 250,000 + still continues by our Goverments , shame on them all for this Human suffering to be allowed to continue !!!

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