Thursday, March 3, 2011

The PACE Trial shows that CBT & GET are virtually useless as treatments

By Laurence Swift, Mar 2:

The Positive Side to the PACE trials

Looking On The Bright Side I.
The PACE Trial was originally intended to show the effectiveness of CBT & GET as treatments for ME. What it has done is to prove the opposite - that CBT & GET are virtually worthless as treatments.

Looking On The Bright Side II.
Moreover, the trials have pulled the rug out from under the theories that ME is caused by "false illness beliefs" and deconditioning. In fact the PACE fiasco has pretty much exposed the uselessness of the whole approach, and the Psych teams should all go back and crawl under their respective rocks.

Looking On The Bright Side III.
The sooner that all these CBT-based ME "Treatment" centres close down, the better. They are doing no good, just absorbing taxpayers' money.

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