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Patients from Lyndonville CFS outbreak in the 1980's test positive for XMRV

Wall Street Journal report on XMRV in Lyndonville 'CFS' cohort

By thx1138mindlock, 05.03.2011:

March 2011: Dr Bell's child patients (from Lyndonville USA) in the 1980's test positive for XMRV 27 years later.

The CDC said their illness was ''Mass Hysteria'' and left them to rot, labelling
them with a 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', rather than helping to discover an infectious new human pathogen. 1 in 4 people with 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' are homebound or bedridden for life. They cannot walk, stand up, wash, or go out of the home. Some are tube fed, paralysed and cannot speak.

Note 'CFS' does not exist. It has no diagnostic test. It is a political metaphor created by the CDC to cover up the rising rates of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). ME is a neurological disease (ICD 10: G93.3). ME dual codes with Post VIRAL fatigue syndrome (PVFS).

PVFS was soon watered down into a condition of chronic fatigue and four symptoms with a label of 'CFS', a far cry from the original ME/PVFS. 'CFS' was then acccused of as being a mental illness. A viral causation was soon dropped.

In effect, the CDC erradicated PVFS/ME in the USA by diagnosing people with the neuro infammatory brain disease as, CFS.
Why would they do that?

XMRV. A mouse leukemia derived new human infection.
For a mouse based retrovirus to be transfered to humans, this HAD to have come from a government laboratory that contaminated vaccines and blood products.

Blood from people with 'CFS' is now banned in 7 countries. The USA refuses to ban the blood, citing it would cause mass panic. The Blood Working Group (BWG) is continuing it's work on testing the blood supply..........

No one was meant to find out. XMRV in 'CFS' was discovered by the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI). The WPI was formed by parents of a child with ME, erroneously termed ''CFS''.

In the UK, files on ME (rebadged as ''CFS/ME'' by the UK Department of Health) are stored under the official secrets act until the year 2073 at the National Archives in London, this has been extended from the previous release date of 2030. They contain files on ''named members of the public'' with ME who will all be dead when the files are allowed to be seen.

Without the WPI, XMRV in ''CFS'' would never have been found.
XMRV was originally discovered in 2005, in men with Prostate Cancer.

XMRV has since been detected by the WPI in people with Cancers, Lyme disease, children with Autism and Parkinson's disease.

All of the WPI'S research applications, have been BLOCKED for more funding.
Ask yourself why.

For more information or to donate a contribution towards research to the Not for Profit Organisation, the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuroimmuedisease, please click the link below.

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