Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Preposterous PACE trial wasted 5 million of public money, Wednesday, 16 March 2011:

We as an ME patients' organisation must protest at the waste of £5m of public money by a group of psychologists and psychiatrists.

They have spent this amount in six years finding that increasing exercise is good for sick and exhausted ME patients and that they can be talked out of illness by cognitive behaviour therapy.

To sufferers, this survey is a preposterous and expensive insult. ME leaves 25% of its victims bed bound for life.

Neurologists and virologists must pursue the findings of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, which found ME patients to be carrying the retrovirus XMRV.

This charity has raised over £9,000 for research and it is a scandal that patients have to fund research into their own illness.

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