Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rare photographs from the private collection of Hitler's girlfriend Eva Braun released

By Aislinn Laing, 10 Mar 2011:

The pictures chart Miss Braun's life from aspiring model to the wife of the Nazi dictator.

Her modelling career began when she was 17 and invited to pose for Heinrich Hoffmann, the official photographer of the Reich, at his Munich studio.

Through him, in 1929, she met "Herr Wolff," an older man with "a funny moustache" - a rising star in Germany's growing Nazi Party whose real name was Hitler.

Her pictures of their subsequent life together show parties and holidays at Hitler's Bavarian Alps retreat together with some of the most prominent figures in the Third Reich.

Miss Braun appears as a rather vain and frivolous character - she loved dressing up for the carnivals, held in Germany in the run-up to Easter, and her collection of photographs includes several pictures of her in costume.
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Eva Braun with Hitler at Berchtesgaden

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