Sunday, March 20, 2011

Retroviruses are activated by inflammation and steroids, creating a vicious cycle of inflammation and viral replication

Jamie Deckoff-Jones MD:

The pathogenesis of the illnesses needs to be further elucidated and specific treatment found. Now. Not after one specific etiologic agent has been deemed the real deal and there's a foolproof test available at Quest. There may be many specific agents. It's so unfortunate that it didn't turn out to be one retrovirus with a serology test that picks up all cases.

That would have been so easy compared to what we are facing - infections with one, or more than one, of a panoply of simple retroviruses, that remain latent for long periods of time, are activated by inflammation and steroid hormones, creating a vicious cycle of inflammation and viral replication.

It could be that replication incompetent viruses are part of the picture as well. Co-pathogens, like Lyme, fuel inflammation and there may be helper viruses involved in various ways.

And, most unfortunately, there is even a possibility that the new simple human retroviruses are or will be endogenized in subsequent generations. What a mess! Read more>>

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