Saturday, March 19, 2011

Speak Up About ME


It is time to YANK (not tug) the nation's heartstrings.

Young People with ME/CFS -- JOIN US in Speaking Up About ME!

How will we yank people's heartstrings?

Through the attendance of a record number of young people and their families at the May (still TBD) 2011 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee meeting (CFSAC) in Washington D.C.

Historically, few young people have attended this event. Speak Up About ME will change that, as those who became sick as children or intheir teens proclaim themselves to be INVISIBLE NO MORE!

Parents, guardians, and representatives from organizations supporting this project will accompany the young folk who go to Washington.

The project will also represent young patients who cannot attend due to health, finances or the distance of the travel by delivering their testimonials via video, telephone, e-mails and letters. Read more>>

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