Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talented footballer dies after long battle from vCJD

BBC News:

A Belfast man who suffered variant CJD - the human form of mad cow disease - has died, 10 years after he first became ill.

Jonathan Simms confounded doctors by becoming one of the world's longest survivors of the brain disease.

Jonathan, a talented footballer, first became unwell in May 2001.

Initially, doctors thought he had multiple sclerosis. But Jonathan's illness was later confirmed as vCJD. He was given just months to live.

After a court battle, the family won the right to use the experimental drug pentosan polysulphate in January 2003. It had not previously been tested on human beings. At that time, his father, Don Simms said the decision to give their son the drug was a "calculated risk based on 20 years of science". Read more>>

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