Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why the Oxford Criteria are another name for vested interests

JC Eckerle wrote, 11:50 am March 7, 2011:

One of the very striking aspects of CFS and the controversy is that the proponents o the psychosomatic theory and the CBT and GET treatments never address the fact that there are patients that are diagnosed with CFS who do not fit their paradigm of the illness, and that there is a body of peer reviewed studies that show a biological illness in CFS patients, they just ignore this data despite evidence that there are legitimate questions about how the definition allows the researcher to pre-select the result he or she wants, by concentrating on those with
1)no biological illness,
or 2)those with no mental illness,
or 3)a combination of the the two groups- and getting a confused result.

I am so happy that Journalists are now reporting there may be a problem with the way CFS was defined which may be at the root of the controversy over the illness findings.

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