Monday, March 7, 2011

Wonder where the 1.5 Million MRC ME/CFS money will go, well here is the answer, The PACE trial for kids


17 February 2011

Expert reaction to Lancet study looking at treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

Dr Esther Crawley, Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Lead for the Bath Specialist Paediatrics Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Service, said:

"All children with chronic fatigue syndrome and their parents are desperate for new research to understand how to treat this condition. The next step is to do a study like this for children to find out if these treatments work."

See also: PACE trial results are out: ME is caused by an oncogenic virus or The putative agent of ME/CFS can be transferred to monkeys

See also: Professor of Psychology, Rhona Johnston shows that ME/CFS is NOT a psychological condition (on a UK Government website !!!) … a MUST READ

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